Guppy works for "The Dark Side"

League pool goalkeeper is often tagged as a "traitor" in LA


CARSON, Calif. – Kevin Guppy’s fulltime job is to be ready.

As an MLS League Pool goalkeeper, the Fullerton, Calif.,
native is on-call at all times for any team that needs a ‘keeper. He could be
in Chicago one day, and Toronto the next. But for the last few weeks, he’s been
in Los Angeles, serving as a backup for Chivas USA.

“The guys here are great and the coaches are really
encouraging,” said Guppy of training with Chivas USA. “They say a lot of good
things. I’m really enjoying it.”

Guppy has been with the Red-and-White since the beginning of
May, when he was called up by the Red-and-White to replace injured backup Dan
Kennedy. He has been on the Goats’ game roster for each match since, providing
insurance in case Goats’ starter Zach Thornton goes down.

“Now that I’m with Chivas for a while, I do everything that
their other goalkeepers do,” said Guppy. “I go to the same things that they go
to and I train day in and day out. I have to be ready at all times to step in
if they need me.”

When he’s not on assignment with a specific team, Guppy
usually trains with the LA Galaxy – a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his
teammates at each club.

“I’m getting flak from both teams right now,” said Guppy with
a smile. “Each club calls the other, ‘The Dark Side.’ I go into the Galaxy
locker room, and they call me a traitor. I hear the same thing from the Chivas
locker room. It’s pretty funny.”

Guppy got his start at Cal State Northridge in 2005, where
he went on to be a four-year starter and a four-year recipient of All-Big West
Honors. He then made the jump to MLS.

“The Galaxy called me up last year for a couple of
practices, and they were able to talk to the league and get me a spot as a pool
goalkeeper,” said Guppy. “They vouched for me, and it all worked out.”

At just 23 years old, Guppy has a potentially long
career in front of him as a goalkeeper. But for now, he’s just working on
staying fit and helping Chivas USA whenever he can.

“Ultimately, I’d like to get a roster spot somewhere and
compete for a starting position,” said Guppy. “Being with Chivas is good – it’s
good exposure. I’m still young and I have a lot of years ahead of me as a