Welcome to cdchivasusa.com

Chivas USA CEO/President Shawn Hunter Welcomes Fans

Dear Chivas USA Fans,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new cdchivasusa.com, a redesigned website intended to give you greater access to
follow your Red-and-White.  This
process was months in the making as the hard-working staff both here and
at the MLS designed, built and filled our new site.  I am 
thrilled with the outcome and hope that you will be as well because at
Chivas USA we are constantly striving to make your experience as a fan bigger
and better than ever.

Some of the new features include better navigation, a
match center to make it easier to follow Chivas USA online, more photo
galleries and an updated video center. 
In the coming days and weeks you will see more content added to the site
and I hope that you come back regularly to experience all of the new

As the 2010 season kicks off with our home opener this
Friday night at Home Depot Center, we look forward to seeing you not only at
ChivaTown and in the stands, but online as well at the new cdchivasusa.com.

Vamos Chivas USA!

Shawn Hunter
President/CEO, Chivas USA