My First Match

A new employee experiences ChivaTown for the first time

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Melody Huskey/Chivas USA

As the newest member of the staff, the home opener on March 26 was Melody Huskey’s first  Chivas USA game.  We decided to send her around The Home Depot Center to chronicle the experience. 

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I walked into The Home Depot Center through the main entrance off of Avalon Blvd.  The first thing that I saw was the ChivaTown banner, signaling my entry into a bustling street lined with vendors, fans and a large stage (open 90 minutes before each game).  There was a wheel set up where fans could spin and win Chivas USA prizes, including a jersey, although what I really wanted was a jacket because it was pretty chilly that night.  I hear that the weather is just beautiful in the summer at Home Depot Center, so I am looking forward to June!

Family Pack Night brought out a lot of fansImmediately I was struck by how many families and children were at ChivaTown, playing with the free miniature soccer balls which they got at the entrance.  The home opener and other games this season are part of the Chivas USA Family Pack, where fans can get four tickets, four hats, four hot dogs for a great discount.  I knew it was going to be a good game when I saw that a lot of the kids also had Chivas USA thundersticks because the stadium would not be quiet (and it wasn’t).

Tiffany is a member of the 2010 ChivaGirls squadStanding in ChivaTown, I met Tiffany, one of the 2010 ChivaGirls dance squad. She was signing autographs in front of the stage where all of the girls would perform about 30 minutes before the game started. You can check out episodes one through six of “Making the Cut” about their auditions this off-season in the ChivaGirls section of The girls were definitely a huge draw, with most of the crowd leaving the booths in ChivaTown when it was time for the performance.  Later in the night the girls performed on the field and the sidelines, getting the crowd into the game.

Pollo Campero is a new concession at Home Depot CenterI got a recommendation to try the newest addition to The Home Depot Center food lineup: Pollo Campero, a great restaurant that sells fried and grilled chicken and yucca strips.  You can see all of the concessions available at the stadium here, but I highly recommend giving Pollo Campero a try. The mascot, a large chicken, was even walking around… I wonder if he got a chance to meet the ChivaFighter.

Kids walked a giant Chivas USA jersey onto the field.Once ChivaTown closed down and everyone moved to their seats, there was a big surprise for everyone in attendance when a huge jersey walked out onto the field.  Seriously, see the picture for what I mean by huge.  There were at least 30 kids holding onto the edges and they were pretty spread out.  As a first time spectator for a Chivas USA game, I thought that might be the end of the giant jerseys and banners…

The Union Ultras sit in section 102But I was wrong.  Partway through the game (you can read the recap of what happened on the field here), the Union Ultras, one of Chivas USA’s supporter groups, unrolled a giant banner that completely covered Section 102, where they sit.  All of the fans were underneath the banner, and the cheering was deafening.  Across the field from them sat the other Supporter Group for Chivas USA, Legion 1908.  Partway through the game they covered the field in streamers and all 18,000 plus people went crazy cheering.

All in all the game was a great experience, despite the score.  The next Chivas USA home game is against the New York Red Bulls on April 10 at 1:00 p.m. and this time the game has a special discount for all kids under 16.  I can only imagine how much fun that game will be – hope to see you there!