Mayén shows the way for teammate

Salvadoran countrymen adjusting to life in Los Angeles together

Gerson Mayén is one of two Salvadoran players with Chivas USA.

Photo Credit: 
Victor Decolongon/Getty

Moving to Southern California can be an intimidating
experience. Especially if you come from El Salvador, where the entire
population is less than that of just Los Angeles.

But for Chivas USA midfielder Osael Romero, the switch has
been much easier than expected. He can thank teammate Gerson Mayén for that.

“It’s a pleasure having Osael here,” said Mayén. “He is
still getting used to the soccer in this league, but it’s great that he’s here.
The El Salvadoran national team is growing, and hopefully this will help them
get better.”

Romero joined the Red and White on loan from Salvadoran
club Vista Hermosa on Feb. 1, and has spent time with Mayén adjusting to
his new club and his new home ever since.

“We’ve talked a lot,” said Mayén. “He’s come to my house to
visit my family and I’ve taken him to restaurants. It’s been nice. I’m also
helping him look for a house right now.”

Mayén’s family is originally from El Salvador, where his uncle was a
professional soccer player and member of the national team. While he has made
several appearances with the U.S. U-20 National Team, he remains eligible to
play for the El Salvador national side.

While Mayén is excited about having Romero in the Chivas USA
midfield, he is also aware of the positive impact the new midfielder’s presence
will have for the Salvadoran community, both in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

“There aren’t a lot of Salvadoran players in MLS, so I’m
sure the fans are pretty excited,” said Mayén. “Salvadorans are soccer-crazy.
My family is excited too. Back where my parents are from, they’re crazy about