Training Report: Jan. 31

In a unique training session, Chivas USA celebrated Coach Chelis' 54th Birthday

Thursday’s training session kicked off with two reasons to celebrate for Chivas USA. Not only was the team celebrating the last day of double training days and hotel concentration, but also Coach Jose Luis ‘Chelis’ Sanchez Solá’s 54th birthday.

Instead of kicking off with a randomly selected song from Pandora, Las Mañanitas (Spanish version of the Happy Birthday song) blasted through the speakers. The entire group came together to give Coach Chelis a birthday pat. Chivas USA Goalkeeper and team captain Dan Kennedy surprised Chelis by giving him his first personalized, and team autographed jersey. At the first sight of the jersey, Chelis jumped for joy, excited about his first birthday with the club.

After a short speech by Chelis, the team preceded to training. Starting off with light warm-up exercises, Wednesday’s training was designed to regenerate the players after the team took a 4-1 win over SC Storm on Tuesday afternoon, their second win in the preseason. Little did the team know what Chelis had in mind for the remaining of practice: a short tournament involving long range shooting, passing exercises, and rounds of soccer basketball. At the end of the tournament, the top three teams would be selected winners.

The prize? A brand new GPS system.

The winners: Dan Kennedy, Tim Melia, Miller Bolaños, Giovani Casillas, Tristan Bowen, and Carlos Borja.

The Red-and-White will return to training Friday morning and will have Saturday and Sunday off. Chivas USA will play their third preseason match against the Chicago Fire on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 11:30 a.m. in The Home Depot Center Field 6. Fans are welcome!

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