Post-game Reactions: Chivas USA

Jorge Villafana, Coach Fraser and Dan Kennedy gave their thoughts on the draw with Dallas

Jorge Villfaña FC Dallas

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Thoughts on the match: “I think we dominated the second half, we created more chances. We could have won the game, we had chances and we didn’t put them away.”

On the equalizer: “It was a play that started on the right with Miller [Bolaños], great run, great cross. The keeper touched it, I’m not sure if a defender touched it, but it bounced in the area and I just tapped it in. It meant a lot to score today, we haven’t scored in a lot of games and this goal gave us motivation to keep going forward. We showed heart and we did it for the team, we did it for this club. I’m proud to wear this jersey and I’m glad that I scored the goal.”

On the next two games: “We need to enjoy it and keep playing with heart.”



Thoughts on the match: “It ended up being a very good performance and a good effort by the entire group. To give up the goal early was disappointing, a bit of miscommunication perhaps. As the game wore on we had some good stretches of possession and into the second half we turned a lot of that possession into very dangerous chances, which certainly we haven’t done often enough this year. In the end we scored a great goal, got a lot of people committed forward, a lot of the guys committed into the attack and we scored a great goal and obviously created several other chances. I’ve seen for so many years, Kevin Hartman pull off unbelievable saves and unfortunately today was on of those days for him again. This is one of the ends where you come away feeling very pleased and proud of the effort that the team put out. ”

Discussion during half time: “We talked about potential spaces that are available and certain things to look for. Certainly, Juan [Pablo Angel] came in and was very, very good in his first couple of touches. He had gotten himself and Miller into very dangerous scoring chances and he was extremely sharp.”

Emotion from the goal: “It’s definite excitement, certainly based on the way we’ve been playing to that point. We felt like one could lead to another, which could lead to another and we could be in a position we want to be in. There was some relief, it’s nice to finally score a goal, it’s nice to finally play well at home. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the second one and really make it a good day for us. ”



Thoughts on the match:  “I thought we put in a really good performance. We went down one nothing and that’s never ideal, especially through the hard stretch that we’ve been in, but we fought back and we really were probably unlucky not to win that game.”

On stadium’s atmosphere after the equalizer: “You saw the stadium come to life.”

On the next two games: “It’s all about pride and playing spoilers. We need to go out and find a way to continue to fight for ourselves, our fans, and our families, that’s what it’s about.”