Post-game Reactions: Chivas USA

Shalrie Joseph, Coach Fraser and Peter Vagenas gave their thoughts on the match vs Vancouver

Shalrie Joseph Vancouver

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Thoughts on the match: The first 15 minutes of the first half I thought we did good, we moved the ball and our passes created a couple of chances here and there and we kept possession well. There was just one kind of attack where they got numbers forward and they played a great ball and Koffie had a great finish. I don’t think he will ever make that again but credit to him it was a great finish. On the second one we were just sloppy. We gave it away and little did we know they counterattacked and scored. We were just trying to push the game, push the tempo and try to find a way to get our first one and then we left ourselves a little bit exposed and they found a way to get a third one and after that you could say the game was over.”

On what the team can take out of its final three matches: “We’ve just got to keep our heads high and try to come back for the weekend and try to build on that. It’s a tough end to the season, but we’ve still got to keep fighting and fighting and don’t give up even though we are out of the playoffs. There’s a lot on the line still, there’s guys’ jobs and pride on the line so we’ve got to be ready to play for each other, play for the group, play for the team and play for the colours everyday.”



Thoughts on the match: “Obviously we weren’t effective enough in front of either goal. We started off pretty well, controlling most of the game, but in the end it doesn’t mean anything if you make critical mistakes in front of your goal and you don’t finish plays in front of their goal. It’s disappointing, we put together a lot of passes in the middle of the field but unfortunately the goals were on both ends and we didn’t do well enough in front of them.”

On what the team can take out of its next three matches: “There are a lot of things. There are players being evaluated for decisions going forward. There’s personal pride more than anything else, and anytime you play, you play to win and regardless of what is at the end of it all, every match is a match to be won and as a professional athlete you are always going to be judged on how competitive you are and as professional athletes we have to stand up and be accounted for.”



Thoughts on the match: “Disappointing, obviously. Everything that sometimes seems to go wrong, does go wrong. Credit to them, I thought we started the game pretty bright, we were on top of the ball, we always emphasize trying to be the ones pushing the game and I thought we did that, then Gershon scores a fantastic goal and it’s difficult. Obviously things haven’t been going well for us and when things starts to slide the other way it’s difficult. But you’ve got to give them credit, they were disciplined and defensively they were very organized, so compliments to them. They got 10 guys behind the ball at all times and dared us to beat them and I thought we were fairly comfortable on the ball. But as a whole we just maybe lacked a little class in the end. That being said, it’s obviously a difficult result.”

On what the team can take out of its remaining matches: “One of our coaches laid it on the line for us and spoke the truth. Guys here are in different points of their careers. This is a difficult profession, it’s supposed to be hard so it’s up to each individual to get out of it what they want because at the end of the day this is their livelihood. No one can predict what’s going to happen in the future and obviously this club is a little bit in flux right now, so it’s about individual pride and personal pride because every time you step onto the field you obviously represent yourself.”