What is the ChivaFighter's job?

The ChivaFighter exists to defend the honor of all things Chivas. He came from Guadalajara, Mexico to educate Californians about the excellence and tradition of Chivas USA. He wants everybody to experience the passion and excitement of watching a Chivas USA game in person. Plus, he really likes the Southern California weather.

What does he do all day?

Day and night, he diligently patrols StubHub Center in search of his archrival Cosmo. He also enjoys taking long naps in the sun at midfield. 

Where does the ChivaFighter live?

The ChivaFighter lives in the Chivas USA locker room, although he bathes in the tears of opposing players in the visiting locker room. He frequently returns to Guadalajara to visit friends and he owns a quaint condo in Costa Rica so he can watch C.D. Saprissa games with ease.

Why is he called the ChivaFighter?

The “Chiva” part of his name should be obvious, because after all he is a goat. As for “Fighter,” the ChivaFighter does not actually get into many fights because his massive biceps and powerful hooves are so intimidating to potential combatants. Rather, he embodies the fighting spirit of Chivas USA and eradicates misconceptions so that everyone can have the opportunity to love the sport of soccer as much as he does.

What does he eat?

The ChivaFighter can often be seen eating Wheaties and Hamburger Helpers, but he secretly feeds off the used equipment of teams that Chivas USA defeats. Every once in a while he indulges with a tin can or two.

What are his favorite colors?

Red and white…of course! He is thrown into a fiery rage by the sight of blue and yellow.

When is his birthday?

He is too modest to reveal his exact age, but experts believe that the ChivaFighter was born in 2005.

ChivaFighter asking fans to tweet him

What are some of his hobbies?

The ChivaFighter is an avid rock climber. He is also an elite soccer player, and enjoys working out. He loves going into the community and making kids smile. He will not admit it but he can often be heard singing in the shower, usually Union Ultra chants. While he was more of a "MySpace" guy for a long time, he is slowly getting into Twitter.

Does the ChivaFighter have any family?

Only the ChivaFighter can truly answer that question. When asked, he says, “baa, baa, baa, baa,” which we believe roughly translates to, “The players, ChivaGirls, front office and game-day staff are my family.”

What is his favorite Chivas USA memory?

He has more favorite memories than he could count on his hooves, but if he had to choose, he would say beating the Houston Dynamo in the playoffs in 2006 and winning the Honda SuperClasico in 2007. He also fondly remembers eating leftovers from the players’ buffet on a recent road trip.

Does the ChivaFighter have a favorite movie?

His favorite movie is Charlotte’s Web because it reminds him of his adolescence growing up with other animals on a ranch in Jalisco. He also likes The Men Who Stare at Goats, although that has more to do with his ego than the plot of the movie. His least favorite movie is E.T.