Meet Gabriel Farfan

16 May 4:27 de la tarde

Meet Gabriel Farfan

By Olivia Cervantes

Chivas USA announced the acquisition of midfielder Gabriel Farfan from the Philadelphia Union on Wednesday and the next day, welcomed the new Goat in Training. sat down with the new Red-and-White player to talk about joining the club: How do you feel about joining Chivas USA?

Gabriel Farfan: It’s something very special to me; I was here four or five years ago with the U19. I also went to college here in Fullerton, which is 20 minutes from here. I feel like at home and I’m very happy to be back with my friends and teammates. How have your new teammates welcomed you?

Gabriel Farfan:Good. I know a lot of the guys in the locker room and I get along very good with them. What’s your style of play?

Gabriel Farfan:I’m very creative and with a lot of technicality. I don’t have a lot of strength, but I am fast and technical. How did Chelis welcome you?

Gabriel Farfan: Very good. He welcomed me when I got to the locker room and he asked what type of player I am and he told me the what role I’m going to have with the team.

Message to the fans:

Gabriel Farfan: I want to thank everyone for their welcome and we have to win this Sunday.

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