Quotes from last night

20 May 11:26 de la mañana

Quotes from last night

By Olivia Cervantes


Thoughts on match: “I was really pleased with the way we started the game, I thought we came out very aggressively. We were able to make ourselves pretty dangerous, pretty early and for most of the time, we were on the verge of being quite dangerous. When things didn’t go our way, we didn’t fold, we didn’t crumble, we didn’t back down, we just re-grouped and came again. It was a very satisfying win for the team in a number of ways. It was a very strong, very committed and determined performance. I think our group was extremely solid, extremely committed to getting out of this thing with a shutout.”

Importance of winning the SuperClasico: “It’s big. I think I underestimated the level of rivalry between these two teams when I first got here. I was surprised by the nature of comments after our first game last year and it was very evident that there was very little respect for this club. The only way to get respect is to go out and earn it, and I thought that they did a good job of that tonight.”

On Califf’s performance: “I’ve known Danny for a long time. I’ve seen him play in some big arenas and his decision making has gotten to be very good with the experience that he’s had. It was great to see him step in and look extremely comfortable as you’d like to see an experience center back come in.”

On Agudelo’s Debut: “I think Juan had a good debut. He’s a player who wants to be on the ball. He’s a very attack-minded player, he’s got very solid feet. You could see there were times when he wanted the ball, he wants to make things happen. I thought his impact was immediate and we’re extremely excited to have him.”

Thought’s on team’s defensive performance: “I thought it was very resolute. I thought they did a very good job of adapting as the night went on. I thought as a group, not just the defenders, but the entire team did a good job of reading things that were dangerous. I’m really proud of their defensive performance.”

On Correa’s performance: “For a kid who’s 19 years old, he’s not afraid of contact, he’s not afraid to go up against big, strong center backs and put his body in harm’s way. He’s energetic, he’s enthusiastic and just three weeks into his MLS career, he’s certainly showing well.”


Thoughts on second game and second goal: “I feel great and very happy about starting in this league just how I wanted. As a forward to score goals is the most important thing and I hope to continue playing like this for the team and the organization.”

On the play before the penalty when you receive the ball: “I kicked the ball and struck it well. The Galaxy defender was standing right on the goal line and he stopped it with his hand. The important thing I said is to score and to add points to the standings.”


On first match with Chivas USA: “It was great especially to get a win against a team like the Galaxy.  I just loved being a part of it.  I just try to focus on the things that are on the field and what I do in the game. I was very grateful that I got the playing time that I got and got some chemistry with the players.”



On what was the difference in the game: “I think the difference in the game is we did poorly with the chances we created. And in a game like that someone has to take advantage of it. Goal scoring opportunities, we had a couple of real good ones, certainly in the second half, and did poorly with them. The referee did an outstanding job, and I’m not sure I can ever say that in an MLS game but that was an appropriate penalty and send off.”

On the play of Sarvas and Juninho in central midfield: “I thought they did a good job tonight. They both had good games. It was a good game. It was a pretty even game for sure.”

On the attacking duo of Noonan and Donovan: “Pat did alright. Pat hasn’t played a whole lot for us but we thought he’d be a good combination with Landon. I don’t think that Landon was comfortable playing up top tonight, I don’t think he did well in terms of holding the ball in situations where needed it held. I thought he did better in the midfield in the second half. I thought Pat was solid. I thought Magee did alright. He got some pretty good chances, what more can you say. We have to stick one of those.”

On if this game was indicative of the season: “Yeah, I would say that. I think on the season our record is probably not real precise in terms of how we’ve played. I think we’ve played a little bit better than our record indicates. But tonight the difference in the game was taking a chance. We didn’t do it and give them credit. I think the referee did well on the call. I think perhaps he might have called a foul against our keeper on the play. When Perk went up their striker put his back into him a little bit, but fair enough.”


Overall thought on the loss: “It’s kind of been the same old story. First half was not great for either side. They had the one chance off the post, but not a lot of chances. I thought we played really well in the beginning of the second half, and had some chances to score and didn’t. And then one kind of weird play and that determined the game and that’s kind of how’s it’s been all year.”

On the fairness of the red card and penalty kick call: “From what I hear it was a hand ball. So if you put a hand ball off the line he has to give him a red card. It’s kind of harsh because it’s hard for David to react, it just kind of hits him, but that’s the way it goes and it’s unfortunate.”

On the play of Chivas USA: “They are kind of what we expected. Juan obviously gives them a different element and Danny, we know Danny well, he’s a good leader and does a good job back there. But, we had chances to score and unfortunately we keep giving up the first goal and it’s making it real tough. Can’t fault the effort, the effort was great just for whatever reason it’s not going our way and we have to keep going.”


On what happened on the play that led to the penalty kick and red card: “What happened? Everyone saw it. There was a loose ball following a block, their forward shoots it and I was in front of the goal line and didn’t have time to react to get my hand out of the way. The ball went straight to my hand, it came at me very fast. That’s what happened. The fault was mine. It was my hand. I was the one who got a red card. I very sad about what happened.”

On if the infraction was fair: “It’s complicated. I don’t want to say yes or no, but it was a very fast ball and straight to my hand. I wasn’t trying to put my hand on the ball, it just went straight to my hand. It’s complicated. I would say yes, it’s fair, if I were going out of my way to stop the ball, but probably no when it just hits you in the hand, which is what happened, so it’s very complicated.”


On the loss: “It’s tough. It hurts. Thought we played well, created a lot of chances, didn’t give up to many chances and one blunder by me cost us the game pretty much.”

On the penalty kick: “I went down the middle because I thought he saw me move the one before so I figured I would leave early and go down the middle. He took it well. He didn’t put it next to me.”

On what Chivas did well to get the win: “They kept the ball well and created a few chances and it’s just real unfortunate. I thought we deserved at least a point, probably three, so that’s hard right now.”

On the quick turnaround and playing San Jose on Wednesday: “That’s probably the beauty of it. We have another game on Wednesday and another chance to get three points so we can look forward to that and put this one behind us.”