Quotes from last night

14 May 9:13 de la mañana

Quotes from last night

By Olivia Cervantes


On the match: I thought we had a very bright start. We scored early in the game and that makes a big difference. Throughout the game, we didn't manage it well enough in terms of our possession, but at the end of the day, we showed great fight. To come away from this stadium, against a very good team, with a draw is a good result. Credit to the players, they worked very hard. 

On team's defensive effort: It was a very resolute effort. San Jose is a team that is dangerous in a number of ways. It really was a very stern challenge for us. I thought defensively, we really battled.

On forward Jose Erik Correa's first MLS start: He's a hard worker. He's the type of forward who looks to run in behind defenders. We thought that was going to be important and one of the things that were going to be key for us. His running, certainly early on, proved to be the difference for us.



On team's effort: I think if you were to tell us that we were going to come in here and get a point, we would have been happy with that. The team really put in a shift in the second half. Obviously, we were under pressurel; they had a lot of service. For me, I think this is something we can build on.

On road success: It shows our potential. I think we've been a bit unfortunate at home. For me, we come on the road and we know what we're up against, so we fight really hard. We need to have that same fight when we're at home.

On defense neutralizing the Quakes' forwards: We asked a lot of Heath [Pearce] and John [Valencia] in the center of the park, and our outside backs to get pressure out to their servers. In the end, we came here and we got a result. We can move forward with that.



On his first start in MLS: Coach Fraser gave me the opportunity to be a starter for this particular match. I had an opportunity to play in the last match, but he decided to put me in as a starter. I think I did what he needed me to do. I have to work a lot to get better. Every day that comes by, we have to work harder.

On team's performance: I felt there was a lot of unity on the pitch. Everybody was just playing hard, running after balls, dribbling hard. We were looking after each other as a team today. It's very important when there's a family atmosphere on the pitch because that makes us a team.