Sueno MLS finds LA talent

13 May 10:59 de la mañana

Sueno MLS finds LA talent

By Olivia Cervantes

Sueño MLS has once again found talent in Los Angeles. This year’s winners: Jimmy Camacho, winner of Allstate Goalkeeper Award and Armando Flores, 2012 Sueño MLS winner, both from Santa Ana, Calif. Both players will now take part of the Chivas USA Youth Academy, and will be looking for a spot in the Red-and-White’s First Team just like the first Sueño MLS winner and current First Team member Jorge Villafana.

For Armando Flores, being named Sueño MLS winner has become a dream come true, as well as for his family. As Republica Deportiva’s co-host Felix Fernandez named Armando the winner of the unique contest, tears ran down his family’s face, expressing the hard work and dedication that they all have put in order for the 17 year-old to make his dream come true.

“My parents and I are both proud of where my brother has gotten,” said Armando’s older brother Diego. “We’ve sacrificed going to work and sometimes school so he [Armando] can do what he liked to do, which was to play soccer.”

When Armando was just 13, Armando took the first step into completing his dream of becoming a professional soccer player when he joined Mexico’s prestigious Club Atlas Reserves Team, squad that has developed star players such as Andres Guardado and Rafael Marquez.

“This is just step one,” said Armando. “There is still a lot I have to go through. Now I’m going to train with the Academy and hopefully one day I’ll be with the first team.”

This year’s Sueno MLS Goalkeeper Jimmy Camacho has also been working very hard ever since he was a kid to get to where he is today. Growing up in Santa Ana, Calif., Jimmy watched as his father Sergio Camacho played as a goalkeeper. Since then, he’s been inspired to be just like his dad and become a professional goalkeeper. Before trying out for Sueño MLS, a friend and teammate of Jimmy’s passed away due to lung cancer, something that has also been inspiring him to fight for his dream.

“I felt that throughout the tryouts, my friend has been pushing me to do my best,” Jimmy said. “Now that I did it, I feel very happy.”

“This is something that both him and our family have been working for; every mile, every game, every minute is paying off,” said Mr. Camacho. “I’m the happiest dad in the world.”