27 September 11:38 de la mañana

Después de dos semanas recaudando fondos para la Fundación St. Baldrick’s, Chivas USA ha ayudado a la organización a reunir más de $20.000. Para agradecer a los aficionados que han mandado sus donaciones, los Rojiblancos lanzaron un concurso donde los fans que mandaron una donación de al menos $20 a uno de los tres equipos de Chivas USA entrarían a una rifa para ganarse una playera después del partido ante San Jose Earthquakes.

El jueves, 26 de septiembre, el delantero Tristan Bowen anunció los ganadores del concurso a través de nuestro primer Google + Hangout. Abajo, le brindamos la lista de los ganadores.

*Favor de notar que los  boletos para el partido del 9/29 vs. San Jose Earthquakes no están incluidos en el paquete del premio. Si su nombre está en la lista, favor de contactar a Cristina Velásquez en el (310) 630-4550 Ext. 3601.

İGracias a todos los que mandaron su donación a beneficio de la Fundación St. Baldrick’s!



After two weeks of raising funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Chivas USA have helped the organization raise over $20,000. As a way to thank the fans who have sent in their donations, the Red-and-White hosted a contest where those supporters who donated a minimum of $20 or more to one of the three participating teams would be entered into a raffle to win a game-worn Chivas USA jersey after the game against San Jose Earthquakes.

On Thursday, Sept. 26, forward Tristan Bowen announced the winners of the contest in our very first Google + Hangout. Below you will find the winners of the jerseys.

*Please note that game tickets to the 9/29 match vs. San Jose Earthquakes are not included in the prize package. If your name is listed below, contact Cristina Velasquez at (310) 630-4550 Ext 3601.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their donation benefitting St. Baldrick’s Foundation!


Jason Kutney

Susan L De Bruyne

Brendan R Ward

Rachel B Mahowald

Colleen Mackay

Mark Bilecky

Heather Wilk

Conrado Magdaleno

Mireya R Lopez

Carmen D Juneau

Cushon Bell 

20 September 7:04 de la tarde

El defensa de Chivas USA Daniel Antúnez ha unido fuerzas con la Fundación Guerrerenses en California, grupo de la comunidad, para recaudar fondos a beneficio de los damnificados de los huracanes Manuel e Ingrid. Antúnez, quien actualmente tiene familia viviendo en el estado afectado de Guerrero, junto al cantante mexicano José Manuel Figueroa, estarán en la tienda Curacao Santa Ana / Fountain Valley este sábado, 21 de septiembre de 1-4 p.m.

En su paso por la la región suroeste de México, el Huracán Manuel afectó al Estado de Guerrero primero, y luego regresando en el Golfo de Cortez, afectando ciudades y poblados de Sinaloa, México. En lo que va de su trayectoria, el Huracán Manuel ha dejado a 97 muertos, según Reuters, y 58 personas siguen desaparecidas.

Todos los fondos recaudados serán dirigidos a comprar agua y víveres para los damnificados.

¡Únete a esta gran causa!


Chivas USA defender Daniel Antunez has teamed up with local community group, Fundacion Guerrerenses en California, to raise funds in benefit of victims of hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid. Antunez, who has family living in the affected state of Guerrero, along with Mexican singer Jose Manuel Figueroa, will be at the Curacao Santa Ana / Fountain Valley store on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 1-4 p.m.

Hurricane Manuel emerged in the southwest region of Mexico, hitting the state of Guerrero first, then re-emerged in the Gulf of California, striking against cities in Sinaloa, Mexico. So far, Hurricane Manuel has left 97 casualties, according to Reuters, with 58 others reported missing.

All proceeds of the fundraiser will be allocated toward buying food and water for the victims.

QUIEN | WHO: Defensa de Chivas USA | Chivas USA defender: Daniel Antunez
                          Cantante mexicano | Mexican Singer: Jose Manuel Figueroa
                          Fundación Guerrerenses en California

QUE | WHAT: Recaudación de fondos a favor de damnificados de los huracanes Manuel e Ingrid
                        Fundraiser for victims of hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid

CUANDO | WHEN: Sábado, 21 de septiembre | Saturday, Sept.21
                                1-4 p.m.

DONDE | WHERE: Curacao
                               16111 Harbor Blvd.
                               Fountain Valley, Calif. 92780

19 September 2:22 de la tarde

¡Los jugadores han hablado y han decidido integrarse a uno de los tres equipos participantes junto a la Fundación St. Baldrick’s! Te ofrecemos una lista de los miembros de Chivas USA que han escogido un equipo con la esperanza de que ¡tu también te unas a uno!


The guys have spoken and have chosen to join one of the three teams participating along with St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Below, we offer you a list of the Chivas USA members who have chosen a team as we hope you can join one as well!


Eric Ávila- voluntario / volunteer  

Carlos Álvarez- voluntario / volunteer  

Gabriel Farfán- voluntario / volunteer  

Dan Kennedy- voluntario / volunteer  

Julio Morales- participante para raparse / shavee

Bryan De La Fuente – participante para raparse / shavee


Tristan Bowen- participante para afeitarse / shavee

Josue Soto- participante para afeitarse / shavee

Daniel Antunez- voluntario / volunteer  

Carlos Borja- participante para raparse / shavee

Jaime Frias- voluntario / volunteer  

Jorge Villafaña- voluntario / volunteer  

Matt Fondy- voluntario / volunteer  


Manuel Rivera - voluntario / volunteer  

Chivas USA Youth Development Academy - voluntario / volunteer  

Marky Delgado - voluntario / volunteer  

Patrick McLain- participante para raparse / shavee

Erick “Cubo” Torres- voluntario / volunteer  

Ricky Martinez- voluntario /  volunteer  

¡Haz clic aquí para unirte a un equipo! | Click here to join a team!


15 October 12:11 de la tarde

Thinking about what to get your Chivas USA-loving family member for the holidays? Then consider this: How about a game-worn Dan Kennedy or Juan Agudelo autographed jersey OR a team autographed Chivas USA Pink training shirt? To top it off, it’s all for a good cause! Part of the proceeds in MLS W.O.R.K.S’ auction will be destined to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the U.S.

But hurry, auction ends Thursday, November 15 at 5:00 p.m. PT. What are you waiting for? Start bidding! Click here to view all items and bid!

08 October 5:31 de la tarde

The event many have been waiting for is just around the corner! The 6th Annual Chivas USA Foundation Golf Tournament is exactly two weeks from today (Oct. 22). But, what can you expect? Aside from enjoying a day of stress free golfing, guests have the opportunity to team up with their favorite Chivas USA players, and meet the ChivaGirls and the LakerGirls!

If you’re interested in joining the fun, contact our Community Relations Team at (310) 630-4550 Ext. 3629. Here’s a special invitation from our ChivaGirl Brandy:


Don’t miss out on this exciting event!

25 September 2:34 de la tarde

The morning after facing D.C. United, Chivas USA Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy headed to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the young patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of MLS W.O.R.K.S.

Ambassador Kennedy’s day started off in the Target House of St. Jude Hospital, where more than 100 families are housed, free of charge, while their children recover in the neighboring hospital. Kennedy then headed to St. Jude where he was given a tour of the hospital before getting down to business. From 2-4pm, Dan met several patients (and soccer fans) that are being treated or recovering from various life-threatening diseases. Although he was there to visit all the patients he could, there was one little guy in focus, Archie. The eight-year old patient from Atlanta was the main visit that the Chivas goalkeeper had planned throughout the day. A soccer-related conversation later, Dan gave an excited Archie an autographed jersey, and for the memory, the photograph (above- photo courtesy of MLS W.O.R.K.S.)

In this Saturday’s match against Real Salt Lake at The Home Depot Center, Dan will welcome Drew (11) and Brooke, two former patients of St. Jude, before the game in what will be Children’s Cancer Awareness Night. Make sure to look out for Dan and his two guests Saturday night!

18 September 5:27 de la tarde

This past weekend, Chivas USA culminated its 5th year of Chivas at the Park Soccer Clinics. As a result of the program, 23,000 boys and girls in the Los Angeles area received affordable soccer training and learned how to live healthier lifestyles. Chivas USA is looking forward to continuing to work with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the Mayor’s Office next year. Thanks to everyone that participated and made these clinics so successful!

17 September 4:28 de la tarde

Major League Soccer and MLS W.O.R.K.S. have pledged to not tolerate discrimination, bias or harassment of any kind. Don't cross the line! MLS W.O.R.K.S. will make a donation to help stop discrimination for every pledge made during the 2012 season. Chivas USA takes the pledge... do you?

30 August 12:09 de la tarde

It’s that time of the year again; Fundación Chivas de Corazon’s 6th Annual Golf Tournament is getting closer! The big event this year will take place on October 22 in Rancho Golf Course in Los Angeles, the top public Golf Course in the nation. And in case you didn’t hear, Chivas USA has teamed up with the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles, IME Becas and Loyola Marymount University to help raise money for a scholarship fund for low income students.

All Chivas USA players and coaching staff will be on site testing their skills and, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that (there are some players that might hit a couple of windshields.) After a long day out on the green, all attendees will be able to chill out in the Beach-themed party in the golf course grounds with the ChivaGirls!

Sponsorship opportunities start at $750 per player. If you would like to participate, make sure to contact our Community Relations Department at (310) 630-4550.