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10 May 4:34 de la tarde

Friday morning, Chivas USA announced the acquisition of Mexican midfielder Aaron Ponce, after a successful career with Chivas de Guadalajara Second Division side, Chivas Rayadas.

After the announcement, Ponce spoke with to talk about his signing, his style of play and also sent a message to the fans. Watch the video below, and check out the translated script of what Ponce had to say. How do you feel about your signing with Chivas USA?

Aaron Ponce: I feel very happy to be here, I think it’s a huge opportunity. Overall, I’m very excited for this opportunity that the club has been given me. How do you like working under Coach Chelis?

Aaron Ponce: I can feel he has confidence in me. I’m here to work, to give what I can and what the coach wants from me. How have your teammates welcomed you?

Aaron Ponce: They’ve given me great confidence and trust. Honestly, I didn’t think they would welcome me in that way, I was truly surprised. It’s great to know they trust you, that they include you in the group that quickly. What’s your style of play?

Aaron Ponce: My style is two-touch plays; mobility, I like to have the ball a lot and I like to help my team out. When I don’t have the ball, I like to be very aggressive. I’m here to give the mobility and technical talent that I have to the team. Do you have a message to the fans?

Aaron Ponce: I’d like to say hello to the fans. I hope they can support us in our next game and I’d like to send everyone a hug.


09 May 3:45 de la tarde

¿Disfrutaste de la primera parte del documental de, ‘En la Mente de El Chelis?’ Entonces no te pierdas la segunda parte!

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Did you enjoy the first part of’s documentary, ‘In the Mind of El Chelis?’ Then don’t miss the second part (below)!

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07 May 6:57 de la tarde


Chivas USA quiere celebrar a tu mamá en nuestro próximo partido ante Real Salt Lake el 19 de mayo en El Home Depot Center. Demuestra cuanto amas a tu mamá al mandarnos una foto con tu mamá portando playeras de Chivas USA vía Twitter o Instagram. Tres mamás verán su foto en la pantalla grande el día del partido y ganarán cuatro (4) boletos de media cancha al partido!

Como participar:

·         Mándanos tus fotos por Twitter (@cdchivasusa) & Instagram (@chivasusa)

·         En tu foto nota, usa el hashtag #ChivaMom

·         Debes mandarnos tus fotos empezando el martes, 7 de mayo hasta el viernes, 10 de mayo a las 5 pm PT


Chivas USA wants to celebrate your mom at our next home game on May 19 vs. Real Salt Lake at The Home Depot Center. Show us how much you love your ChivaMom by sending your best photo with your mom with Chivas USA gear via Twitter or Instagram. Three moms will see their photo up on the big screen on gameday and  will win four (4) midfield seats to the game!

How to participate:

·         Send in photos via Twitter (@cdchivasusa) & Instagram (@chivasusa)

·         In your caption, use hashtag #ChivaMom

·         Photo submission will run from Tuesday, May 7 to Friday, May 10, closing at 5 p.m. PT

Contest rules

07 May 2:45 de la tarde te lleva dentro de la mente del director técnico de Chivas USA, José Luis Sanchez Solá, mejor conocido como ‘El Chelis’. Conoce más del carismático entrenador rojiblanco. Disfruta de la primera parte de esta serie y mantente al tanto para la segunda parte este jueves.

********************** takes you inside the mind of Chivas USA head coach Jose Luis Sanchez Solá, better known as ‘El Chelis.’ Get to know more about the charismatic coach. Enjoy the first part of the series and stay tuned this Thursday for part two:


24 April 5:31 de la tarde

For the past two weeks, there’s been only one argument in Chivas USA’s locker room: Who had the best Instagram Takeover?

Did you miss them? Check each of them below:

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After hearing split answers from the players, we’re letting YOU, the fans, voice your opinion. Who do you think had the best Instagram Takeover so far? Vote below:


Now that you’ve voted, tell us what Chivas USA player you’d like to see takeover Chivas USA’s Instagram account!

24 April 12:07 de la tarde

Get to know Edgar ‘Chore’ Mejia! The Chivas USA midfielder will be participating in our ChivaChat this Thursday, April 25 starting at 12pm PT.

Here’s how you can participate:

·         Follow Chivas USA on Twitter: @cdchivasusa

·         Send us your question using hashtag #ChivaChat

·         Stay tuned this Thursday as Mejia answers your questions!

Hope to hear from you!

17 April 9:14 de la mañana

Midfielder Eric Avila will be taking over Chivas USA’s official Instagram account all day on Friday, April 19. Left unsatisfied with his first takeover, Avila says he can top Bowen’s takeover from last week.

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In Bowen’s takeover, he gave away tickets to Chivas USA’s next home game. Will Avila do the same? Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram (@chivasusa) to see what goes on in Avila’s day!

09 April 3:18 de la tarde

Did you enjoy Juan Agudelo’s Instagram Takeover? Then you’ll definitely enjoy Tristan Bowen’s!

This Friday, April 12th, Bowen will be taking over Chivas USA’s official Instagram account for the day! According to Bowen, he’s going to take advantage of the opportunity and take “revenge” on Agudelo- and you don’t want to miss that!

Click here for see photos from Agudelo’s takeover.

Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram (@chivasusa) to see what else goes on in Bowen’s day!