Get to know Aaron Ponce

10 May 3:34 pm

Get to know Aaron Ponce

By Olivia Cervantes

Friday morning, Chivas USA announced the acquisition of Mexican midfielder Aaron Ponce, after a successful career with Chivas de Guadalajara Second Division side, Chivas Rayadas.

After the announcement, Ponce spoke with to talk about his signing, his style of play and also sent a message to the fans. Watch the video below, and check out the translated script of what Ponce had to say. How do you feel about your signing with Chivas USA?

Aaron Ponce: I feel very happy to be here, I think it’s a huge opportunity. Overall, I’m very excited for this opportunity that the club has been given me. How do you like working under Coach Chelis?

Aaron Ponce: I can feel he has confidence in me. I’m here to work, to give what I can and what the coach wants from me. How have your teammates welcomed you?

Aaron Ponce: They’ve given me great confidence and trust. Honestly, I didn’t think they would welcome me in that way, I was truly surprised. It’s great to know they trust you, that they include you in the group that quickly. What’s your style of play?

Aaron Ponce: My style is two-touch plays; mobility, I like to have the ball a lot and I like to help my team out. When I don’t have the ball, I like to be very aggressive. I’m here to give the mobility and technical talent that I have to the team. Do you have a message to the fans?

Aaron Ponce: I’d like to say hello to the fans. I hope they can support us in our next game and I’d like to send everyone a hug.