Quotes from last night: Chivas USA

16 September 8:30 am

Quotes from last night: Chivas USA


Thoughts on the game: “Up until the penalty call I thought we were pretty good controlling the game defensively, they weren’t very dangerous. We found a couple of opportunities, one in front of the goal with Miller’s [Bolaños] ball rolled in and Casey’s [Townsend] header that [Jon] Busch made a great save. I thought we were creating good chances and we were in control of them in our defensive final third, they weren’t finding great opportunities on our goal I don’t think Kennedy had made a save until that point.”

On the referee’s call: “The frustration there is obviously having seen the replay one of our players put us in a tough situation. The referees make a call of frustration and none of the officials actually involved in the game really saw it. It was the fourth official I think called it from midfield. I’m not really sure how that plays out or who has what responsibilities. I know the other two linesmen and center referee didn’t actually see the play. That’s frustration on both sides in terms of where the call came from and obviously our player putting us in that situation.”



Thoughts on the game: “It’s frustrating, we didn’t do enough to come out tonight with points. Offensively we created a little bit of chances; we just weren’t able to score.  The referee changed the game with a call like that [penalty], and after that we were in a hole and we were just trying to push numbers trying to create more opportunities and get a goal, but it didn’t come for us tonight. We need to hold our heads up and try for next week.”

On the penalty: “I don’t know what to say to be honest, I’m going to have to look at it again and I’m sure Coach [Fraser] is going to do the same. You don’t change a game like that; you don’t just make a call like that. The game was going fine until he [the referee] made a change like that. It was frustrating to have a penalty called with the ball not even close to the goal line. It’s frustrating, but the guys kept battling, the guys kept fighting and we weren’t able to pull it off tonight but we will be better next week.”

On Coach Fraser’s absence in the second half: “Robin has been there on and off the field, and Greg Vanney has done a great job being Assistant Coach. He can replace Robin like that, they work off each other. I understand why Robin had to do what he did, that’s just part of being a coach, sticking up for your players.”

On playoffs: “The good thing about it is that the possibility is still there, we just have to pick our heads up and keep working hard. We have a quick turn around next week in Columbus; we just have to pick our heads up and try to win the next one.”



Thoughts on the game: “I thought we played really good. The penalty changed the game a little bit. It changed how we need to come out, it opens us up a little more and we have to get that tying goal.”

On Coach Fraser’s absence in the second half: “At the end of the day it’s the players out on the field trying to do a job and get wins and we didn’t do that today.”