Quotes from last night: Seattle

27 May 9:11 am

Quotes from last night: Seattle


Thoughts on the game... “For us to be able to come back from being one nothing is a good thing.  I felt we had some chances at the end of the game, and they were pretty good chances.  There was Rose on his header, Rose shot off from distance and it’s cleared down the line; Eddie Johnson gets in there one time on the end line. I was pleased with our ability to come back in tonight’s game.”

On the Sounders’ seven-game unbeaten streak on the road... “We feel very confident on the road, we feel we’re going to do well.  Chivas has done well on the road this year also. It’s something we always try, we don’t change how we play all that much. Today we changed a little more than normal, I think we played a little more defensive than we normally play on the road just because it was the only option really for us, we needed to keep the ball in front of us.  But we always feel very confident on the road.”


Thoughts on the final score... “It’s kind of tough to go down and then we actually created a few chances after we equalized, so I thought we easily could have taken one after the 65th minute. At least we got the tie; it was tough game on the road.”

Thoughts on Chivas USA’s unbeaten streak... “It’s definitely positive for them, it shows their perseverance and attitude that they can keep finding and start getting good results.”


Thoughts on the game... “I think it was a heartfelt match, there a new team now with Califf and Agudelo, it’s not the same Chivas as before especially at home. I think they are a very motivating team and I think it’s good we got a point, we could of maybe gotten three points at the end but when were playing away, I think one point is good.”

On Seattle's equalizer... “It’s always good to equalize it sooner than later. Alex Caskey came in and he made a difference, played a good ball. I think it was a bad clearance from the defender, but I’m just trying to get myself in a good spot, luckily we went in.”